Things that happened today: my builder complained about the windows in my house not being straight and I was like, lol I know, nothing in this house is straight and then I laughed lots

Did you have a chance to watch Bridget Regan and all of her hotness on Jane the Virgin?


not yet, anon, but i will. hopefully sometime this week (or century…)

good morning tumblr. today i am realising i am mostly a dumb fuck, because i ordered an armchair for the office in my new place, only it’s being delivered to my old/current place. go me.

Demi dancing when everyone was cheering her name.


i’m not leaving here without her. no way.

IWC Gala dinner in honour of the BFI at Battersea Evolution

Did you know that Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker is now playing a lesbian on Jane the Virgin? And she looks AMAZING.


anon! i did know bridget regan was in a show called jane the virgin, but i hadn’t really looked into it because that takes time i am pretty short on at the moment. however, i think you just said the magic word there and i will definitely be downloading it now!


Acceptable reaction to misogyny.

Pezberry moment: {1/??}